What’s the situation these days at SkyDeck, UC Berkeley’s global startup accelerator? Let’s dive in. We are a little over halfway through the current batch. It’s our second remote batch and we have learned a lot about how to make remote work.

We are delighted to share that fundraising by…

What’s the Plan for SkyDeck Fall Cohort 2020? It’s Game On.

The Cal Band at SkyDeck Fall 2019 Demo Day

Like everyone on the planet, we at Berkeley SkyDeck have had quite an unusual time these past few months. 140 startups, 300 advisors and mentors, six full time staff, two fund managers, 30 Faculty Advisors, and 510,000 Berkeley alumni…

Learning to Play the Violin Helped Me Become a Successful Startup Founder

My first career was professional concert violinist. I played for several years in an orchestra and taught violin lessons. …

Caroline Winnett

Executive Director, Berkeley SkyDeck. We connect the world’s top startups to the talent and resources at UC Berkeley.

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